• When does the course open and close?

    The Autumn 2022 course will open on Monday September 26th 2022 and will close 12 weeks later on Friday December 16th 2022. You can enrol now for this course using the ‘ENROL’ button at the top of the screen In 2023, we plan to again run three 12 week courses – in Spring, Summer and Autumn Course dates for 2023 will be released in later in 2022.

  • How long is the course?

    The course comprises 12 hours of video learning. The course is open for a total of 12 weeks at a time. The earlier into a course period that you register, the more time you have to complete it.

  • What happens if I don't complete the course before the closing date?

    There are up to 12 weeks to complete the TAM TV Masters Training We recommend you get started as soon as the course opens so you have plenty of time to get through it. As each course ends, the TV Masters Training comes offline for updates and revisions, so we are unable to allow people to carry their progress over to the next course. If you think you won’t be able to complete the course once it is underway, we recommend you stop where you are and start the next course from the beginning.

  • For how long can I access all the course materials?

    You will be able to access the video modules until the course closing date. You should download the nickable slides for each module, as well as the additional reading material and any other documents before the closing date, as you will not be able to access them after the course has closed.

  • How will I receive certification at the end of the course?

    Your TV Masters certificate of completion will be available you once you have completed all nine modules in full. For those who opt to take the final exam and attain a pass, you will be sent an additional certificate of distinction. These will be sent directly approximately 4 weeks after the exam submission deadline.

  • Do I have to sit the final exam?

    No. If you complete the nine modules and attain a 70% pass mark in all the tests, then you will have passed the course and will receive accreditation. However, if you complete the exam, not only will you have tested your knowledge and new found learning to a greater degree, but you will also have the chance to achieve a certificate of distinction.

  • How much time do I need to complete the final exam?

    If you would like to consider taking the optional final exam, we recommend you aim to complete all video modules 1 week before the course closing date to allow time to digest, complete and submit the exam. The exam is required to be submitted on the last day that the course is open. We recommend allowing 3-4 hours to complete the optional final exam.

  • I've more questions-who can I talk to?

    Please contact tvmasters@tamireland.ie and we will do our best to help you